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Come closer mother fuckers!
Battle Suit no.5
RUPANADA Exhibition @ Jogja Gallery , Jogjakarta - Indonesia
BUBUY BULAN Bubuy Bulan - Sundanese traditional song 75 cm x 75 cm Print on Canvas AEDEL FAKHRIE ARTWORK DESCRIPTION The song tells of the sadness left by the beloved person. The grief gets worse when he seeing someone who passes  in morning and directly look into his eyes, remembering him by someone in the past that, a lover that used to leave.
Post World War III
Put a lil bit colors on it.
Will save some $ till it’s enough to build this bike that I’ve designed. Still looking SR500’s engine with “good” price >.<
Praha 2087
Illustration for a friend of mine :)
Depok in 25255
me and my bike, Brutus the bigboy “magna45-750-1986” and never ending mods 😉😩
Armoured Cavalary - Valkyrie unit
Valkyrie’s pilot helmet design - concept art
Dance of Knights - quickie doodle and practicing